The Sum of All Fears ★★★

The Sum of All Fears (2002) - Ben Affleck is such a step down from Harrison Ford that it's depressing, but I suppose this is technically a prequel so I guess they had to do it. The premise is pretty interesting, and addresses a sort of military paranoia that most war movies are too certain to explore, but there is a lot of uniformed men talking around tables so if that's not really your thing, it could get boring pretty quickly, though eventually some stuff blows up and some intrigue is uncovered. They make it pretty clear that what the characters think is wrong but I think this works against the film somewhat as the viewer does not uncover the mystery at quite the same rate as they do. Morgan Freeman is quite effective in this military strategist role by showing a compassionate strength that guides the viewer through what is happening. That's probably why they keep casting him over and over again to play the same character!