Vincent ★★★★½

Tim Burton was 24 years old,
He was very polite and did what he was told,
For a man his age he was creative and radiant,
And this skill shows in his short film Vincent.

A modern masterpiece of gothic art
It's a tale that impales through the heart
A passion filled tribute to a cult horror favorite
Is oozing with imagination and loving spirit.

It's short and sweet
It's rather melancholic
It's a timeless lesson
To not be hyperbolic

For any of our dreams and passions
No matter how earnest or nice
Will surely make us as deranged
As a boy who loved Vincent Price

And it is this lesson that Tim Burton teaches
More powerful and artistic than the grandest of speeches
It's a profound lesson that never goes away
It's so colourful and lively despite being black and grey.