Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★½

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Paul W. S. Anderson simply isn't a good director, he doesn't care about criticism or originality and he's made yet another dreadful movie. I'll admit, the weapon design, costume design, and production value is quite good but it's weighed down by one of the worst scripts of the year. The writing is awful and I can't stress that enough, the action scenes are edited into oblivion and cgi is overused to an alarming rate.

I like Milla Jovovich, and she's as good as she could've been here but she needs to stop taking roles like this. Tony Jaa is really good and easily the best part of this movie, even considering how insulting his role is. I personally hated Monster Hunter, but I think if you're looking for a dumb action movie, then this is something I can recommend for you, otherwise, I can't see anyone else enjoying this one.

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