Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★½

Men in Black: International is certainly leagues from the quality of the original 90s sci fi classic and arguably even its third instalment. That being said, I would struggle to call it 25% bad. This serves as nothing more then passable albeit forgettable, entertainment.

The film highly lacks the visual and directorial flare that Sonnenfeld brought to those the original three movies. MIB: International just feels completely safe and standardised, missing any of the genuine charm those blockbusters had.

I can’t say I was honestly ever bored, despite the groan worthy jokes I did find myself chuckling every once and a while. Tessa and Chris by this point just bleed charisma and rarely aren’t seriously watchable. Though once again, their chemistry never enters that of J and K from their trilogy.

I’ll end my ramblings on why the original is better with my final last note. The villains in this film stunk. Men in Black never needed or had overly interesting and compelling antagonists but they definitely had memorableones  at that. 

Vincent D’Onofrio’s bizarre bug man, Edgar from the first film and even Jemaine Clement’s Boris the Animal from MIB 3 each work for their movies advantage respectfully. They have distinct qualities to their characters and are performanced well by the actors even under the layers of make up.

Without spoiling anything, both villains in this film aren’t memorable or interesting. One duo barely does anything expect fight a couple of times the husky other is a part of a twist you can see from a mile away (you can guess it from  the damn poster for goodness sakes) and isn’t given enough time to be fleshed out.

It’s a shame all this got wasted on a generic blockbuster that I doubt will do well. I’m not against rebooting Men in Black and the leads have shown they’re capable of carrying a franchise like this. F. Gary Gray will now just have to live with making two failed Sonnenfeld sequels.

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