Suicide Squad ★★★

I have been waiting for a goddamn Rogues Gallery movie since the 90s. I can't be hating on this movie because it finally delivered on something my inner DC superfan has been waiting too long to behold. WB took their sweet-ass time rebooting Batman TWICE before they got it through their greedy skulls that fans are okay with seeing a DC story about characters besides Bats and Supes. Given that, this and Deadpool are great successes this year, hopefully we shall see more anarchic entries into the supervillains canon.

Will Smith was perfect casting for Deadshot. Anyone else in the role and it ran the risk of being a bland cipher, but Smith is instant charisma. Just Add Smith! Margot Robbie is perfectly fine as Harley Quinn, one of my all time favorite comic characters. I’m not a fan of her design in this installment, but beggars being choosy, yada yada. I had a lot of fun watching Jai Courtney, never thought I’d be saying that. Viola Davis makes for a great and sleazy Amanda Waller.

The one character I felt was shoe horned in was interestingly not Leto’s gangbanger Joker. No, that honor belongs to Batman himself, as well as Ezra Miller’s Flash. This did not need mentioning, though DC’s late to the Marvel party, and lord knows they’re trying to make up for that.

I did feel that this was a hard sell to the PG-13 teen friendly super crowd. This is a Hard-R mercenary flick with DC trim and polish. MPAA's showing how much they're willing to let franchises keep pushing that teen demographic until who knows what they'll allow in PG movies down the road.

The soundtrack was a tad, well, overwhelming. Granted, I approved of most of the soundtrack choices, but as a cohesive whole, they are like the Squad itself, a mismatched train wreck.

I hope they make better choices down the road. I want more Rogues, dammit. You've gotta make up for lost time and opportunities, DC.

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