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This review may contain spoilers.

Why I think Rope is the gayest movie of the 1940s(it's all a metaphor) :

scene when Rupert is asking how they would commit a murder and he mentions that you wouldn't want to do it in public cause you wouldn't want to get caught- the way he describes that if you were to exchange the word kill for kiss (and you keep in mind it's the 40s) he could easily be talking about how to sneak a man into the apartment.

Plus I think it's further proven by the ending
Notice how instead of calling the police he shoots out the window? I see that as his way of outting them because he doesn't kill them, he doesn't call the cops... He just let's everyone know something is wrong.

Also if you're looking at it from the perspective of a closeted couple think about this quote

"Good and evil, right and wrong invented for the ordinary average man, the inferior man because he needs them." This could easily be interpreted as a statement about sexuality VS religion

And the act of having a body in the room while they're in public?

Brandon's perspective: he wants them to be quiet. Don't hide it but don't say anything either, he's clearly more comfortable with his sexuality so although he won't talk about it at dinner he would openly talk about supporting gay rights

Philip: he's ridden with guilt as he thinks he's living in sin and doing something wrong. He wishes he could stop being gay or leave Brandon due to shame (hense him being uncomfortable with the body in the room) so he slowly gets more stressed as Brandon becomes increasingly more intense with his hints

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