Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★★

After waiting a week to get my family together to watch, I finally got to sit down and see this. And hooo damn I waited waaaay too long! This was a fantastic fun ride!!!

This film was so much my shit. Combining a heist film with a zombie film, confining it to a single location, making that location Vegas... this combined everything I've loved throughout all my movie-going years. This would have been my T2, my Pulp Fiction, my Star Wars, if this came out at those points in my life. I would have loved to have seen how this film performed at the theaters without a streaming release. I really think this would have been a great event film, and it's kinda sad we'll never know if this was a blockbuster or not.

And I have to say I was surprised at the abundance of all the three star reviews for this. Perhaps they all helped to lower my expectations, but the film pretty much rode like a rollercoaster. The setup bits leading to a lot of surprises and tense moments, up and down and exciting. I was actually surprised at how many times I felt that zombie-dread that comes with a good zombie film, not just the fear that's on screen, but the overall sensation of being trapped in a world of creatures that want to devour you. Bautista's run over the blackjack tables was one stupendous stunt amongst so many.

I really, really enjoyed this and look forward to watching it again.

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