Star Trek

Star Trek ★★★★★

YES!! Daughter sees this is streaming on Netflix, and she wants to watch it! YEAH!! She loved it, and we were hooting and hollering at all the excitement!

This really was an excellent reboot. Cast is fantastic and the use of Spock logic is at an all time value. Used superbly. And the branching of timelines which keeps the old timeline alive was brilliant!

I'll tell you what was NOT brilliant: the made-up rules on Beam technology. The leaps of faith and cheats they use related to beaming people all around is completely loose. Just because Benji says the phenomenal line "it's like hitting a bullet with a bullet while firing blindfolded while riding a horse" doesn't make their haphazard use of that tech any more believable.

And those cheats only get exacerbated exponentially in the sequel, where they effectively negate any use for starships at all. They even go so far as to cancel death. And don't get me started on the sequel's false flag narrative. Ugh with these writers.

I don't think I will get tired of Star Trek (2009), though. So happy my daughter loved it, too.