Wonder Woman 1984 ★½

So you know when you watch a film trailer and you see all the crazy ship in it and wonder "How can they put all of this into a movie where it all feels satisfying and makes sense?" Well not here! I'm very split down the middle on this film and I can see why people despise, love, or feeling meh about it.
To start off with what I liked about the movie, I thought the cinematography was well done and I also liked the vibrant color palate the film. The actors and actresses do a good job in their roles and the movie at times is charming and.......uh, um.
And now the bad, the MOTHERBEEPING script! The screenplay for this movie is a trainwreck on top of the moon crashing into the earth. There are so many weird jokes, dumb conveniences, and the movie's just gets worse the more I think about it. You know what? I'm ending this review now. I don't have to tell about how Kirsten Wiig's character just become a cheetah out of beeping nowhere! I mean yeah I get it's what her character becomes, but it still it felt rushed and unnecessary. Just no. Done. Bye. Gosh.