Suicide Squad

a disappointed, incoherent, ramble...

Built a small collection of original Suicide Squad back-issues last summer after seeing that first trailer. Those are some good comics, and I had this high on my most anticipated of the year. Unfortunately, SUICIDE SQUAD is a bad movie. A VERY BAD MOVIE.

Devoid of any sense of consistency, flow and urgency - this is flat filmmaking. For a movie starring villains of the DC Universe, it's oddly neutered - you rarely ever get the sense that these guys are as evil as they should be, going through the same arc the "good guys" go through in these movies. What should have been bizarre, subversive and somewhat evil is instead bland, generic and insecure. What humor it does have you've seen in the trailers (I've never seen jokes flatline with an audience as badly as they did here).

Months ago I questioned whether or not the climax with Doomsday at the end of BATMAN V SUPERMAN was the worst cgi climax I've ever seen. SUICIDE SQUAD can proudly take a bow for the most ungodly incomprehensible, technically-regressive and visually-ugly cg-shitshow in a major blockbuster in several years. There's zero tension in the city-climax - they fight some stupid-looking herpetic-zombies that may as well be the Putties from MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, some anonymous cg-bro, and make final battle with Gozer (I realized this the second Rick Flagg had his "Oh Venkman. Oh Venkman I'm sorry"-moment). I couldn't believe my eyes.

Although I must admit that this was Adam Beach's movie, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are the only actors that register. They're pretty good and the only valid reasons this thing isn't completely unwatchable (plus Batfleck®!). Jared Leto on the otherhand is terrible as the Joker. Sure, he's partially let-down by the movie's editing and script, but that doesn't make up for his total lack of screen-presence - he never does a single interesting thing (never funny or scary) and whenever he was on-screen I could only think of how annoyed the rest of the cast must have been by all his pointless bullshit method-acting. He's all schtick, clearly trying to piggyback off of Ledger's performance, Leto's the Fanboy Joker and it's embarrassing. Viola Davis was much more menacing as The Wall - there's your villain!

SUICIDE SQUAD has fleeting moments of splash-page brilliance, but there's no consistent aesthetic - the movie's artless. Say what you will about BATMAN V SUPERMAN, it may be problematic but it had balls and was at least batshit-crazy with Snyder's signature aesthetic. This thing is absolutely limp and without style - the colorful, gleeful evil of the Suicide Squad deserve way better. This movie is broken.

P.S. Batfleck® needs to be shoehorned not only into every DC movie, but every movie ever, no matter how stupid. I truly want this.

P.P.S. Enchantress is the biggest joke. And there’s a moment where Harley Quinn pulls a psych-out on her that cribs from X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

P.P.P.S. That scene with Common is like a micro-disaster in and of itself.

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