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  • Tenet


    If you're going to proudly make your plot deliberately alienating and confusing to the point of being literally hard to hear what people are saying the entire run of the movie to prove what a cool uncompromising artist you are, maybe at least make your characters people so that we care about what happens to any of them and therefore there are any stakes whatsoever? Because having no idea why/how about 75 percent of the movie is happening also instantly…

  • In Her Shoes

    In Her Shoes


    This is such a deeply humane, well-made, well-scripted and well-performed adult dramedy that is sweet but genuine and thorny, never cloying, and buoyed by uniformly excellent performances, and I firmly believe the reason it isn't a bigger deal is GRADE A MISOGYNY. It's a girllllll movie. Cameron Diaz isn't a real *actress*. It has SHOES in the title! It couldn't possibly be nuanced in any way!

    Toni, Cameron (in what I have to believe is her best performance) and the utterly dignified Shirley MacLaine are a holy trinity. This movie is soul food and if you miss out it's your loss.

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  • Music


    A colossally stunning tribute to what happens when someone is just told yes by everyone around them. The vanity project to end all vanity projects.

    It's amazing how tone deaf it is - more than you even suspect - and really wild that a movie that has Ben Schwartz playing a drug dealer with corn rows, forces Leslie Odom Jr to do an African accent and literally say things like, "back in my village, we-", and has potentially deeply racially…

  • Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

    Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

    Literally could not have been rooting harder for Queen Baranski to evict smug Pastor Josh Segarra and every single aggressively entitled person in this town