A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★½

Hmm, this is a really interesting concept and I respect that John Krasinski gave himself a pretty tough limitation with the gimmick of no sound, but ultimately I was kind of let down.

I think it doesn't play enough into its unique gimmick, and ends up relying on kinda dumb kinda boring horror tropes. There's too much reliance on things that just happen out of bad luck, and I didn't really fully buy into the family drama dynamic, it felt too melodramatic for me.

And the ending was a little too much for me honestly, I felt like they could have done something much more subtle. In this way, I actually prefer Bird Box in that it never actually shows its creatures and thus those creatures remain a lot more scary. And not that Bird Box is a better movie, but honestly I really did like how that movie tried to attempt having their characters strategize their situation. In A Quiet Place it just sort of feels like there's not really much thought the characters put in to their predicaments, and so when the action does start rolling it feels like a very standard slasher for me.

That's all my own personal nitpicking though, I still think it's perfectly fine and even unique, just that this feels a LOT more like an amateur indie effort than the smash hit it was. I think with a concept so interesting, I was expecting the plot to be less focused on family dynamics and instead be a bit more cerebral (god I sound pretentious as fuck, I'm so sorry).

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