Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★½

This rendition of Black Christmas is honestly a pretty cute and entertaining film about a graduating college student who deals with the trauma of her sexual assault three years prior and how she comes to terms with an institutional environment that doesn't believe her. Her only solace is her friendship with sorority sisters, a tight-knit group that feels vibrant and comforting if a little one-dimensional. Each of them feels like someone you might know (if reduced to Hallmark depth) and they all have different perspectives on currently-undergoing gender politics in their school.

"You messed with the wrong sisters."

Then the movie reminds you it's a slasher and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. That Hallmark-esque first half is honestly... pretty enjoyable? Very played-up with less-than-stellar acting and some very contrived characters, yet I truly felt invested in leading girl Riley's experience and the injustices she faced while also moving on. This bit is warm and cozy and sugary and bad, but I honestly was much more into it than I expected. Still prefer this to the 1974 film though.

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