Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run ★★★★

An elegy to the role of chance in our daily-lives, in which the minor things we do have the greatest (unspoken) impacts on our future, how each tiny variation in our present can mould the future of countless others, and as a result how sometimes the most minor of inconveniences can end up the most major of boons.

Hmm... let's try that again.

A clash between free will and determinism, a conflict inherent in all religions and source of innumerable ideological schisms, as represented behind the curtains of the frenetic editing and action sequences here, making that eternal epistemological question of what controls our destiny easy to swallow and accessible to all.

Hmm... maybe once more.

A triptych of events running parallel of one woman's pursuit of her goal, all obstacles be damned (dogs, cars, police, family strife, the afterlife) for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No, not even death itself is capable of overcoming her drive, and thus this becomes an ode to the sheer power of one's force of will, a facet intrinsic to us as conscious beings which occasionally allows us to bend the fabric of reality to our very will when we need it the most.

Hmm... I like this ending.

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