The Purge: Anarchy ★★★★

Where the Purge movies truly start to embrace the sheer absurdity of the Ayn Rand philosophy they're rooted in cranked up to disproportionate heights and the chilling realization that "anything is legal" applies not just to civilians but the government itself. Suddenly the implications of such an act become clear: it may have at some point started to let civilians "blow off steam" but in actuality allows the government to do what it can't on the other 364 days of the year. Which, this being a Purge movie is still limited to killing, but covert death squads roaming the streets looking to silent political dissidents and murder low-income residents in order to further consolidate wealth into the ruling class who can control such an event and find immunity from it as well is quite a step up from the first film you gotta admit. Thus you have a "utopia" where the only denizens are the well-off tycoons, socialites, politicians, and old money barons who find revenue in the elimination of other human beings and eventually a self-governing oligarchy that runs on literal blood money trailing down the streets of New America.

I mean, what are you going to do? The government can do whatever it wants, it said so itself.

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