The Two Popes

The Two Popes ★★★

The Two Popes is a priest movie, this time with two of them! Well not really as one is a cardinal and the other is the pope, but you say that's going above-and-beyond. And surprisingly, it is not among my favorites of this niche subgenre but it does a pretty good job at doing whatever it is that it's doing.

Which is to say that two old men talk back and forth the entire time about the Catholic Church, its politics, religion and ethics, and the brutal Argentinean dictatorship that resulted in tens of thousands of citizens "disappearing." Oh, also a television show about a dog who fight crime.

"I was making a little joke. A German joke, it doesn't have to be funny."

And like many character- and acting-based films much of one's appreciation for the movie at large will hinge on these two things, though I do applaud the film for broaching into world-issues at large in the second-half as it's built on the foundation set up in the first and appropriately adds some stakes to this otherwise airy discussion.

Ultimately The Two Popes is unlikely to end up as a favorite of any sort, but it's also an amiable and easily-accessed film of its kind. For something that really pushes the boundaries of two actors talking about religion check out (the director's cut of) Nymphomaniac, a sister-film of sorts as odd as that may sound.

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