Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

"Suicide Squad" - much ado about nothing.
I hate to say it and I don't even believe, that I'm writing this, but I would rather watch "Batman V Superman" for the third time (extended cut, of course) than watch this unemotional, empty, poorly handled, poorly scripted comic book movie.
The villain is boring and sucks ass, the use of the cool soundtrack feels totally out of place, most of the characters are useless and character development basically don't exist, besides the direction is dull and I have no idea, what the hell David Ayer tried to achieve here (I assume that a large part of failure comes from unsuccessful editing) .
Give me an extended cut, because this one is a truly bad movie. David Ayer, I hope, that the extended cut will warm my cinematic heart, because I still believe in you, man.

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