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  • Rush



    Two great leads carry this often-rickety movie on their backs... really, it’s pretty good, but only thanks to Thor and Daniel Brühl. Lots of weird lens color choices (lens selection? I don’t know, I watch movies not films), odd cuts, and other stylistic choices that kind of remind me the movie I’m watching is a movie. You know?

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    How did I get here?

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  • Tenet



    Why is the dialogue so quiet in the mix? Are the sound engineers afraid to talk back to Chris? I understand wanting to be sonically creative, but this awful mix totally takes you out of the movie. It’s almost impossible to understand so many of the conversations that take place... I had to turn subtitles on just to hear the basic context for the whole plot, including the time travel mechanics, etc. that are explained early in the story.


  • Dunkirk