Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★★

it's impossible for me to talk about "ma rainey's black bottom" without mentioning how hard it was to watch this due to chadwick boseman's recent passing. but before i get into that, i would like to say this movie was an absolute delight. the script is strong, the characters are real (in the honest sense of the word) and each one of the performances deserves recognition. mainly, colman domingo, viola davis and chadwick boseman are my favorite thing here. viola davis is cinema's gift to us, i truly believe she is one of the best actresses of a generation and i genuinely appreciate her acting skills so much it makes me wanna cry. ok, now *breaths* chadwick boseman. he steals the show everytime he's onscreen. his performance is raw and powerful, his character, levee, is funny but also really hard and complex and chadwick knows exactly what to do with the script he's been given. i hope he shines bright on the upcoming awards season despite his passing, and i believe so hard he would conquer many other great things had the circumstances been others. rest in power, my king.
watch this. praise the cultural and racial background it has. praise ma rainey's history and also praise chadwick boseman, viola davis, colman domingo, taylour paige, glynn turman, michael potts and dusan brown.

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