F9 ★★★½

I think I figured out the FF formula during this watch of F9.

Basically this is the James Bond recipe of the Roger Moore era, starting with The Spy Who Loved Me.

Think about it. The international settings. The killer cars. The complete disregard for physics and death-defying feats and stunts. The beautiful women. Bond flies a car underwater and drives the Moonraker shuttle in space while Roman and Tej fly a Fiero into space. Coincidence? I don't think so.

And once I made peace with that formula it was SO much more enjoyable.

Yeah, Vin Diesel is annoying as Dom. The self reverence gets nauseating. John Cena plays against type as Dom's brother and besides that fact he acted like a cardboard cutout, he did have a presence.

I enjoyed the Dom flashbacks to his backstory with the brother. The storyline is meh but it actually gave those characters a millimeter more depth.

With a fairly major mental adjustment to a corny Bond worldview, this was actually fun. If I hadn't made that mental switch, this would've been a one or two star rating for sure.

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