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  • Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle

    Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle


    chain reaction challenge - film 19

    i collect orchids and my latest one looks orange from a distance, but up close it’s bright red and green like the colours in a rohmer film. as soon as the weather allows i love watching one outdoors with sparkling wine and ice cream, and i always end up musing on how boring life would be without forests or birdsong.

    this is a different film - it's not tied to rohmer's comedies & proverbs, nor…

  • Mauvais Sang

    Mauvais Sang


    chain reaction challenge - film 90

    there is a conversation in a café, delivered 100% straight, when a gangster suddenly thinks he sees jean cocteau on the other side of the room and denis lavant replies that jean cocteau is dead. i famously hated Holy Motors but i’m starting to see the appeal - these films are purposefully mocking their own stories and by extension, any contrived gangster or sci-fi movies that rely too much on elaborate tropes and absurd…

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  • Withnail & I

    Withnail & I


    no no nobody look at me but i ghostwrote the dialogue of this filmé about two hungover doctor who cosplayers playing irl settlers of catan, and i edited this in: “here’s looking at you kid. we’ll always have the dreary english countryside”

    i wish it was a flawless story (i always suspected that about zeffirelli but damn) but it’s one that is told so candidly and unpretentiously, under no illusion that the past was romantic or nostalgic in any way…

  • Short Cuts

    Short Cuts


    i have a love-hate relationship with robert altman in the sense that i can't handle his movies with more than 2 people in them, but i must admit the pace of this film is extraordinary; information is revealed slowly and naturally, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm and lets the characters dwell on the ways they've hurt, betrayed, misunderstood, disappointed each other.

    i expected a story exploring the mythology of california (it's what altman's best disciple is great at doing!);…