The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

I've only seen one other film by Lanthimos, but even after two movies, I think I'm ready to declare him one off my favorite directors. He's trying a slightly new trick with this movie from The Lobster- historical fiction rather than metaphorical fantasy- but the dark, satirical edge remains as cutting as ever. There are some tremendous performances in here, particularly Olivia Coleman as a lumbering, shrieking monster of a Queen Anne and Rachel Weisz' portrayal of Sarah Churchill, a person who "looked like a madwoman and talked like a scholar." The set and costume design is exquisite, with glorious makeup and high powdered wigs, but always lit and shot to present more as sinister than silly. If you like period pieces, or can appreciate some good high class bitchiness, you need to see this.

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