• Medea



    Why is Pasolini?

    One day I want to go through his entire filmography and see if theres at least one movie from that I actually think it’s good, because so far all four movies I’ve seen from him range from ok to boring like this one. Because I checked out so early on and didn’t give a shit at all throughout the whole fucking movie. But I’ll leave everything to say about him later. 

    For now time to rip on…

  • Death by Hanging

    Death by Hanging


    This is a really good example of why I always value what the movie’s intent always is. I don’t know why I went into this one more blind than most other films but I barely knew anything about it other than the director. And from that perspective I was a little confused on what it was trying to be. The acting felt a bit unrealistic, some of the frame rate shots felt like they came out of the silent era,…

  • The Isle

    The Isle


    Ok... is what I felt during most of the movie. It has its moments but overall it’s a decent introduction to Kim’s work.

  • Kuroneko



    A black cat can really get you unlucky...

    full list here -> boxd.it/bfZwM

  • Joint Security Area

    Joint Security Area


    In media culture, there’s Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Marvel vs. D.C. , and then there’s Bong vs. Park. And as much as I really love some of Joon-ho Bong’s films, Chan-wook Park has always been one of those filmmakers that has made me feel immersed and has this sense of elegance that I could never describe fully. 

    And JSA shows that he always has a talent for visual storytelling and had one of the most unique voices in modern…

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    The Future is Metal

    A fascinating feature that I’m happy I finally got to watch after so long. 

    This movie is very very bizarre. Nothing makes any sense, some of the editing choices can feel a little obnoxious, the soundtrack is so odd and strange, but I liked it. 

    This movie definitely falls a bit too far into the strange, but it’s effects and overall tone have this weird charm to them that I really enjoyed. A lot of this…

  • Silence Has No Wings

    Silence Has No Wings


    Unfortunately, I have to say that this was kind of disappointing by the end. 

    I say this because there were parts of this I really loved and as a first movie by Kuroki Kazuo, it was very interesting and experimental. It was pretty well shot and has some unique editing choices. However there was one scene that I felt wasn’t effective at what it was trying to achieve. 

    A lot of this movie does feel like a documentary type film…

  • Pale Flower

    Pale Flower


    And now, my binge starts today. 

    So I chose a large variety of the type of films to watch within the next week. Some seem very standard and some are obviously very experimental. So I decided to start with something simple and eventually get to the more weird movies. And this was definitely simple. 

    At its core it is simply a standard crime film and the characters are not that defined at least for me, but everything surrounding it makes…

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?


    I never thought a country music soundtrack would make have the biggest grin, but here we are. A absolute delight of a film. 

    P.S. within the next week I’m gonna be logging a lot of Asian films possible. Here’s all the ones I hope to see in this list right here. https://boxd.it/bfZwM

  • Bāhubali: The Beginning

    Bāhubali: The Beginning

    So I decided that today I would watch what is basically my first Indian and first Tollywood movie. I'll see my first Bollywood movie soon.

    I'll try and see several Bolly/Tolly films so I'm able to see some type of fair variety of films.


    And as you can see this was definitely a great start. :D

    Let's just say that I never want to see a movie with low frame rate shots for the rest of my life after seeing this.

  • Music



    Let me get two things out the way before I start:

    #1: Ever since I was born, I was diagnosed with a strong dose of autism. It was much worse before, but I still have some trouble with communication when I sometimes talk to my friends. There is a part of me thinks of my childhood self where I was almost unable to think for a large portion of my life with utter disgust. And most pieces of media that…

  • Beginning



    This has got to be one of the best directorial debuts I have and possibly will ever see. I'm still shocked that Kulumbegashvili made this as her first when this feels like a movie made by a master that has been working for three decades. Much of this film's sequences are all in one takes. And a lot of it is done near perfection.

    The first shot alone is one of the best long take shots ever. There is so…