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  • Jimi Could Have Fallen from the Sky

    Jimi Could Have Fallen from the Sky


    I've got a strong suspicion that drugs were used in the making of this. I guess not surprising considering. It's 7 minutes long with some guy talking about Jimi Hendrix's life with "actors" doing stuff.

  • Bulldog Drummond's Peril

    Bulldog Drummond's Peril


    John Barrymore is the inspector who wants to get rid of Sgt. Hugh Drummond (John Howard). Drummond is in Geneva to get married, but a wedding gift of a synthetic diamond is stolen and someone is killed. It seems two people are working on a formula to create diamonds, and the head of the diamond syndicate doesn't want any new diamonds around. I have only seen one other Drummond flick, so I guess I don't get a lot of the recurring tropes. His boss hates him for some reason, his butler always has tools on his person, and his sidekick is goofy.

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  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    How can a movie I've watched for 30 years, every year, multiple times some years, how can a movie like that still cause me to tear up at the end? I know what happens, I've seen it before. That, my friends, is quality film making.

  • Blow-Up



    What a waste of a great idea. If you decide to watch this, you can skip the first half-hour as all that happens is he's a photographer and something of a jerk. Finally, half-hour in he takes the photos that play in the plot. Then a bunch of nothing happens, then finally he develops the film and it's a great scene as he figures out just what he took pictures of. At 1 hour 34 minutes, we get to see The Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. 1/2 star for the "blow-up" scene, and one star for The Yardbirds.