• Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    This was a lot of fun, but ultimately only surface deep fun.
    I kinda wish there were a 3 and 3/4 rating because i enjoyed this quite a bit, but i don’t know...there was just something lacking. 
    Samara weaving is great, andie macdowell is great, Adam Brodie is great. All the performances are pretty top notch. The direction was great and the movie just moved along at a rapid pace, never letting you get even remotely bored. The concept of…

  • Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

    Death Race: Beyond Anarchy


    It’s kinda hard to rate this because it’s clearly geared towards a very specific audience and that audience is not me.
    If you’ve seen the other death race movies, you’ve seen this one. It’s the story basic setup and storyline with the tiniest of variations. There’s not one single new thing in this film, but i guess that’s the point. The makers of death race 4 are thinking that people want to see crazy cars racing and blowing stuff up…

  • Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn


    Hey, they rebooted wrong turn. Maybe they’ll finally make a good one, huh?


    So much pointless drama. There is a point in this movie in which a character is trapped in a chain, dragged into a hole and then trussed up and carried by two assailants with a bag on his head. After he fights back and kills one of them, the group of teens literally have an argument about him killing someone “for no reason.” They actually say…

  • Creature from Cannibal Creek

    Creature from Cannibal Creek

    I see what they were going for. But they didn’t succeed.
    That’s...uh...all the words i want to spend on this.

  • Black Pumpkin

    Black Pumpkin


    I mean, there’s certainly some potential in here for a good movie, but none of it is realized. You can tell the film was created as a loving throwback to 80’s slashers, and there’s elements that work, but they don’t add up to solid win. The acting particularly brings it down, with not a single believable performance in the whole thing, and a really unthreatening villain. Add in a completely incomprehensible ending and you get a dud. It’s a shame, because there’s some pep to the script and there’s obviously some talent involved behind the scenes, but it’s just not there yet.

  • Psycho Goreman

    Psycho Goreman


    Well, this was delightful.

    A complete throwback to the “my pet monster” movies I grew up with, with a fantastic, gross touch. Tons of great practical effects, a cracking script and comedy that really works. 

    I would actually rate this a 4 and a half, except for one thing. There was one thing holding this back from being even better. And that’s Mimi. Kid actors are always a crap shoot, and a role like mimi’s would take a really top…

  • A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

    A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio


    With anthologies, you never know what you’re going to get. This is apparently a bunch of shorts that did really well on YouTube, collected here with a wraparound segment taking place in a radio station. Because of this, i had actually seen one or two of the shorts before hand, and like most anthologies, some are good...and others are not. This collection is decent, with some nice atmosphere, but there’s really no common thread, no glue that holds everything together…

  • The Transfiguration

    The Transfiguration


    Above average little movie about a young man who thinks he’s a vampire. It’s one part Martin, one part Let the Right One In, and one part its own thing. Put those films through an urban blender, and you get this one, and even though it feels a little derivative, it manages to carve out its own niche. It’s more of a drama than it is a horror film, and 100% a character study of its central subject, but there’s several tense scenes that had me feeling uncomfortable. It’s slow and methodical, but not really boring, and i enjoyed it.

  • The Battery

    The Battery


    A long time ago, i remember reading article after article about how the technologies to make film were now sow attainable that anyone can make a movie. I don’t think those articles were prepared for all of the garbage that would come out of anyone being able to make a movie. I think they were expecting The Battery. 
    This movie was made for $6000 in the back roads of Connecticut and it’s a great example of how to utilize your…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    Just hot garbage. The first Wonder Woman movie was a fairly decent movie that got hyped up as being excellent for two reasons. 1. It was the first major female superhero movie and deserves attention for breaking some new ground and  2. It was a DC film that didn’t straight up suck.  I’m fine with the first film. Everything about it is fine. It’s fine. 
    This movie has no point and no direction. It tries to go in so many…

  • Porno



    This was fine. Good characters, ok story, fun gross out moments.
    But, it just suffers so much from pacing and direction. Everything feels so low key and there doesn’t feel like there’s any stakes. There’s just this distinct lack of energy to the whole thing. 
    A fun watch but pretty instantly forgettable.

  • David Bowie: The Last Five Years

    David Bowie: The Last Five Years


    I don’t really need to justify this.
    David Bowie. Four Freakin’ Stars.
    That’s enough.