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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie was a great coming of age story. It didn’t romanticize like a lot of movies do. Christine’s story of hating where she lived so much that all she wanted to do is escape Sacramento. even the nun was telling her that her college essay expressed her love for Sacramento. Even though she didn’t realize it when she was there she did later on in the movie when she goes to new york. Her story with julie is also nice. christine just threw julie away for a bit to be with jenna and kyle but she knew that she wasn’t herself when she was with them. But julie accepted christine with open arms when she came back to her. they showed change in christines character when she started to refer to herself as christine instead of lady bird. also miguel is hot as fuck 

tldr: christine’s character development rly great i love how they express it through her using her real name at the end of the movie AND MIGUEL IS HOT