Suicide Squad ★★★

Whilst Suicide Squad does in some part break the formula of the modern comic book movie - it suffers from a painfully unimaginative narrative, unfunny dialogue and less than stellar special effects.

The characters are decent enough, but there is a feeling of a lack of fleshing out (for example, I felt I knew nothing about Captain Boomerang or the crocodile guy by the end of the film's run). The Joker is great, and Leto does a wonderful job with a slightly different take, but he isn't in the movie enough to save it.

Whilst I do love the soundtrack, it feels tacked on. Additionally, the neon colour scheme pallet is enjoyable and adds something. Overall, it's not terrible but there is nothing here to write home about in the way that Guardians of the Galaxy or Kick-Ass feel genre bending.

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