Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Maze Runner: The Death Cure ★★★½

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you know how most of these trilogies end really, really badly in that half-assed way where studios just shit them out (allegiant i am not even looking at you you are a different kind of bad) and then this one comes out of fucking nowhere? the first, mediocre but fun, the second, a complete disaster, and then it’s like they transferred the project to someone who actually cared about these people, kind of makes me sad to think only one out of three is this good when it had potential, and if dylan had to get badly injured i’m glad he did it for bothers me that so many people probably didn’t watch this because they wouldn’t be bothered after the first two and i get it, this makes no sense but i swear it’s a great time and you should! also will poulter magically skipping the shittiest one of the trilogy and reappearing in the best one as a great bonus character? we love to see it

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