Us ★★★★

Two years after his critically acclaimed debut Get Out, a wry comic, satire horror that argues about racial discrimination, Jordan Peele is back with another nightmare that has broader scope in his sophomore feature titled Us.

The movie is centered on Wilson family, a middle-class ideal American family who wants to enjoy their summer in the matriarch's childhood home, where she shared a traumatic experience back in 1986. What appears to be a fun summer suddenly changes into frightening fight of survival when a red-jumpsuit-wearing doppelgänger family stand in the driveway with a scissor ready to cut the shit out of them.

Raised as a comedian makes Peele has an encyclopedia level of knowledge when it comes to infusing heavy materials in his works. In Us, the concept of duality is possibly what Peele is trying to say, about how we are our own worst enemy. Everything that happens in this world is actually our own doing, yet we never wants to look in front of the mirror to find the monster. Blaming ourselves for something that we're taking a part of is something that we clearly need to see more. For me, it's the perception that I take from Us, it may not be the case for others though.

Us uses a lot of allegorical symbol along the way, the rabbit & the scissor emphasize the duality, the tethered itself symbolize the under-privileged people, or for all I care, it all could mean nothing & Peele is just trying to get under our skin. But what makes Us great isn't that, it is the fact that Peele has created a smart horror movie that can reach two kind of audiences, the one who likes to dissect things & the one who doesn't. Even without overthinking the anatomy beneath the surface, Us is still thoroughly enjoyable. It's just an overall classic horror cinema.

Peele really flexes his muscle as a bold horror director without eschewing his root as a comedian & social commentator, crafting something that is so both scary & fun. With Lupita Nyong'o's menacing yet very nuanced performance in the driving seat & Michael Abels' eerie scores it could rip your ear to death, it'll be hard to resist the power in Us.

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