Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★½

I'm trying to gather my thoughts but I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Y tu mamá también is such a breath of fresh air in the ''coming of age'' category. It is unique and beautiful.
I won't bother writing the summary of this movie because there are already plenty on the internet but also because the less you know about it, the better your experience will be.
The three main characters are the strongest aspect of this movie. Their chemistry and their verbal and physical exchanges made them feel real. They have problems, ideas and they are vulnerable. This movie is a tale about friendship, going out of your comfort zone, living your life but the storytelling and the overall directing makes it feel like this is a new concept. It didn't completely fall into the cheesy aspects of a typical ''coming of age'' film. Instead, the characters had dept, the movie wasn't afraid to talk and show things that are usually taboo, such as sex. It is a huge part of their quest for discovering life and who they are.
On the technical side, the acting is sublime. The emotions feel raw and incredibly real. The movie has a beautiful cinematography and the overall sense of framing is very strong (I fucking love those ''frame whithin a frame'' shots). The beautiful landscapes of Mexico are dreamy and immersive. The narration feels right and, although it can be a tricky choice of storytelling, it definitely works in this case.
I'll conclude this messy review by saying that Y tu mamá también is definitely worth a watch (and a re-watch for me that's for sure) because of all the reasons I listed above but mainly because it is a beautiful and unapologetic movie.

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