Possessor ★★★

Lo-fi corporate sci fi horror that’s somewhat resonant in these times to the performative nature of our selves as we interact again and try to remember what our lives once were and learn our lines again. There’s the intoxicating potency of new flesh and gender- how often is the appeal of travelling alone the possibilities of creating a new version for yourself amongst strangers. I’m hesitant to do much queer reading into it as it’s too close to the born in the wrong body narrative which is a bit icky.The fetishism of blade puncturing skin felt strangely cathartic a severing of the cords that can bind us. The film is content to probe more than it answers so feels simultaneously potent and lacking but is perhaps stronger for it. I’ll be interested to see how this goes in a rewatch as an emotionally exhaustive and tense week left this feeling like a fever pitch dream that is a faint memory.