Girl, Interrupted ★★½

This is one of the best ensamble casts ever, and they all knock it out of the park, but I found this to be melodramatic Oscar bait that often dips in to bad taste. 

I don’t know what this movie was trying to say. At times I thought it was an indictment of the mental heath care system like Cuckoo’s Nest, other times I thought it was a triumphant personal story like Its Kind of A Funny Story, but in the end it’s neither of those things. The whole idea of it being set in 68’ opens to door for so many things, instead we get a passive moment acknowledging MLK’s assasination and a small side plot about Vietnam that goes nowhere. I would have been happy if it was a movie about Winona’s journey to mental health, but there’s so many distractions that even that isn’t really explored.

The scene in the apartment bathroom was so gross to me. The way Mangold framed it just felt excessive and emotionally manipulative. 

I left the film feeling sad and gross, and I’m not entirely sure that’s what the film wanted me to feel.

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