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  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


    "To the trees!"

    One of my favourite things to shout when danger presents itself. When the loo roll runs out mid-sit down, for example.

    I often wonder whether it was added to the script on the first day of shooting, as they all realised Kevin Costner gave zero fucks about doing an English accent.

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Hilarious. Both because it wants to be but also because it just can't help itself. It wastes zero time geting into it and doesn't let up from there, which is highly entertaining. Tonally, it's schlocky and retro as hell but all with unambiguous, hyper-styalised intent. Stevens leans into this hard, delivering a robo-psychotic performance worthy of a 90s Terminator film, which is an absolute delight to witness. His smooth operator purr/snarl is one stroke short of a aggro-vocal sadistic orgasm.…

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  • Pixie



    Easy to like but hard to love, Pixie, is simple, unsophisticated fun.

    A convoluted plot including drug deals, robberies, double crosses, found fortunes, road trips, jealous murders and gangster warfare meanders from one scene to the next with admirable levity and lofty ambition. Problem is, its seeming determination to be a trader of all tropes, renders it a meaningful merchant of none. Instead it offers an end product with no discernable or defining distinction.

    Meanwhile it's legion of colourful characters,…

  • Rebecca



    Startling. Incredible, in fact. A Ben Wheatley film that lacks constant threat and suspense. Less of this please, Ben. Back to the gritty low budge trudge please.

    It has its moments in the second act. Well, mainly one: during a great party sequence, but otherwise it's just exceptionally bland. Looks nice, sure, but lacks any of the other essential parts required to maintain the sickening momentum ussually synonymous with his filmography.

    Elsewhere, the cast try their best to work with…

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  • Vacation



    Did NOT expect this to be as enjoyable as it was. Albeit entirely predictable at every turn, the execution and delivery of almost all the gags was spot on, thanks to strong casting, chemistry and totally committed performances. I laughed out loud a lot. Pleasantly surprised.

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    On second watch, this is equally enjoyable. The 90s soundtrack gives it a nice kick and the characters are fun. Although, I maintain that the script needed another pass or two to get the dialogue up to the high MCU standards we've become accustomed to but otherwise, the excellent twist withstanding, it's solid but unspectacular, unlike it's titular protagonist.