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  • Alien



    David Cronenberg once opined that Alien “has no metaphysics, no philosophy[...] The creature winds up as a man in a crocodile suit who chases a bunch of people around a room. I think that my own films do a lot more in touching a deep seated nerve, more than the simple reaction that you don’t want a crocodile to eat you. Alien was just a $300,000 B-movie with a $10 million budget.” It seems Alien is 2deep4 David Cronenboring—apparently, a…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    “To grow up as a 'girl' is to be nearly fatally spoiled, deformed, confused, and terrified; to be responded to with falsities, to be reacted to as nothing or as a thing—and nearly to become that thing.” ― Alice Sheldon/James Tiptree Jr.

    Strip away the sci-fi veneer and underneath is grim social realism: a woman desperately attempts to assert her personal identity in the face of a ruthlessly dehumanizing system that reduces people to nothing more than exploitable commodities. Men…

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  • Dumbo



    the tim burton one is better

    disneyheads unfollow me now, it's okay

  • Bambi


    "Bambi also has a theory I’ve never come across —"
    "Dr Berenbaum… Anyway her theory is —"
    "Her name is Bambi?"
    "Yeah, both her parents were naturalists. Her theory is that UFOs are actually nocturnal insect swarms passing through electrical air fields."
    "...her name is Bambi?"

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  • Twisted Pair

    Twisted Pair

    Neil Breen enacts a stalking and rape roleplay session with one of the usual half-his-age romantic interests that his films always feature.

    He misspells the word "detective" as "dectective" twice in the end titles.

    There is a scene shot in someone's tacky man cave where the theatrical posters for both Ultraviolet and Finding Nemo are prominently, proudly framed on the wall.

    A sequel is promised/threatened.

    At the end, the cinema screen defaulted to the Oppo blu-ray player menu, signifying that…

  • Promare



    Nothing here is as funny or disturbing as their last outing, Kill la Kill, but in their own way Imaishi and Nakashima have always been as subversive with their medium as Verhoeven was with the blockbuster form. If you've seen one giant mecha battle you've seem em all, but every stock anime trope and plot beat is inflated with over the top bombast until it explodes—the relentless maximalism is thrilling to the point of near-exhaustion.

    And just like Verhoeven, it's…