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  • About Time

    About Time

    Don’t know why, but I found myself thinking about this film recently. It seems weird because at the the time I just thought it was a really boring film with nothing much to say. Clearly though, this has changed since I’ve decided to write a review.

    The message of this film is clearly to live your life in the moment and not worry about what you could have done to change something. Quite simple and positive. However in my opinion,…

  • Us


    Us has everything it needs to be something I really like. Brilliant cinematography in service of a really interesting and effective style. Plenty of substance and hidden meaning about really relevant issues and ideas. And an ending that leads to theories and questions that doesn’t give you everything on a plate (however I’m not sure I loved this ending because I did find it in some ways predictable despite good build up and subtle hints).

    So why don’t I love…

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  • Tenet



    Being a Nolan fan I watched this on the first day and, honestly, I was blown away. Anyone who says this is nothing new from Nolan is out of their mind. This is by far his craziest film and whilst making it probably his hardest to follow and understand it makes it his most intense. The action scenes are incredible and honestly the whole concept is extraordinary. I’m still getting to grips with the plot and to be honest if…

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Okay wtf is this American propaganda bullshit where the bad guys so far are just foreign people with a different worldview and there’s American “good guys” complaining about not being able to get involved over other countries borders. 

    Also possibly the most boring uninteresting start to a show possible. I mean I think it’s decent that they’re fleshing out these side characters but tbh I think there’s a reason they are that. They’re kinda dull and they’re explored through a…