Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★

I'm going to use an odd example here but stick with me.

I am a big fan of The Killers, I used to buy their albums in HMV, one time I had to travel to the next town over because my local HMV had shut down, that's how big of a fan I am. Their latest album 'Imploding The Mirage' came out a few months ago and I hate it... Even though it is fine. I've been a fan of The Killers for a very long time and I have been accustomed to their sound, so then comes along their new album, which sounds like a Bruce Springsteen record. Granted, The Killers are fairly decent in aping Springsteen's sound and Springsteen himself is far from a terrible musician, but my problem is the fact that I don't want The Killers to sound like Bruce Springsteen, I want them to sound like The Killers.

With Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, I wanted it to be like Borat but actually a fair amount of the finished film apes the form of a father-daughter dramedy. The father-daughter dramedy elements are not badly handled and there are some honestly good moments in there, but I do not want a Borat movie to be a dramedy. The first Borat was a nihilistic, dry satire, I don't understand why Baron Cohen and the other filmmakers wanted to take the Borat sequel in this direction.

Sacha, I know you're reading this so I'll skip the formalities; don't show us your heart. You make angry, in-your-face films that make people feel uncomfortable - That's why we love you.