45 Years ★★★½

Who knew that global warming can rock a longstanding marriage?

Seeing two very old folks trying to make love was quite unpleasant. An emotionally complex look at what it is that builds a relationship. The film is about the ways we come to know each other, and the complicated parts of ourselves that relationships can help expose. It is also about the parts of ourselves that remain hidden. 

The film uses silence to push itself forward, the peaceful silence and serenity of it's opening contrasting with the tension ridden silence of the ending. It is a silence that symbolizes the stuff that has already been spoken , the stuff that doesn't require words to be spoken and the stuff that has remained unspoken, It reminds us that life is not easy, choices are never cut and dry, and that relationships are always necessarily complex. 

It's all very droll. Who doesn't have a long ago love? Who doesn't wonder "what if" sometimes? Why would this upset the 45 year wife, and why is the audience expected to think that would end the 45 year marriage? I kept waiting for some startling news about the long ago love, like maybe he'd killed her, or he had led another life

45 years of a wasted marriage.

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