The Lion King

The Lion King

It's an abomination. It's a cancer in the history of cinema. How can this be? How have we come to this? How is this possible?

How are these amazing technologies and special-effects artists wasted in a cash-grab soulless piece of trash?

Why did they take one of the best films of all time, and take every single once of soul, of personality, of love and emotion out of it? Because thats what photo-realism did for this film, absolutely destroyed it to his very core. Its almost grotesque watching animal faces with zero expression or individuality making such deep or eloquent dialogues to the point where the voice-acting looked awful and the dubbing even worst.

Specially in the musical numbers I almost felt numb, seeing this characters, that once in 1994 were made with so much personality to them, now being used as zombiefied creatures just shaking and singing on the most the most disturbing spectacle I could ever imagine.

It's awful, it's soulless, it's disgusting and I hate with all my heart. I've already written 1100 complaining about this in portuguese, and I'm done with this in English too. #FuckDisney

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