Inception ★★★★★

I still hold this film in very high regard. In a world of remakes, sequels, prequels and reimaginings it was a delight to see something fresh, new and challenging. This film does have some serious merits. It immediately reminded me of Satoshi Kon's brain twisting dream travelling Paprika from 2006 and I'm pretty sure Nolan must have taken some inspiration from it. Regardless, Inception is an amazing accomplishment, intoxicating and completely immersive. It's a complex action packed Sci-Fi Thriller which could capture the complete attention of even the most fidgety of cinema goers. I'm always left in silence and awe.

Director - Nolan, Lead - DiCaprio, Music - Zimmer... now there's a recipe for success. Watching Inception showcases all 3 and they can now stand a lot taller as their already king-like CV's are boosted with an eternal stamp of skill and success. Huge kudos to the editor of this film. It really is micro-second perfect and cuts between the scenes seem more like master strokes of story telling and really help drive home what is actually going on in this multi layered mind fuck.

For me this was one of the strongest films to come out of 2010 in a year with some serious competition.

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