Thunderball ★★★★

It's 2020 and I'm still waiting for a viable and marketable personal jetpack. Oh well.

Thunderball is the fourth entry in the James Bond series. It went big in scope with a bigger budget then the previous three and a bigger box office. Adjusted for inflation it is the second biggest grossing Bond movie behind Skyfall.

SPECTRE hatches a plan where they will capture two nuclear war heads and either get a hefty ransom or destroy a major city in the United States or England.

Bond is still his usual self but more savvy and aware. We get to see the sheer scope of SPECTRE and the movie gives the villains some excellent screen time and you get to see how organized and ruthless they are.

It was directed by Terrance Young in his third and final Bond movie. He did a superb job considering that about 1/4 of the movie took place underwater.

Connery shows why many consider him to be the quintessential Bond.

It is the first Bond movie to be filmed in Widescreen Panavision.
It is also the first Bond movie to go over two hour and frankly there were some things that could have been cut or shots that could have been edited shorter. We get to see other 00 agents and that was cool.

It is also the Bond film famous for a lawsuit as the story was written by Flemming and two others being Kevin McClory and Jack Whittingham. They successfully sued Flemming and retained some rights to the story. This is what to the unofficial retelling of the story in the movie Never Say Never Again.

Domino was the main Bond girl and was played by Claudine Auger. Her character actually had a good story angle.

I had two issues with the movie. One was a scene with an electronic back stretcher. The scene has not aged well. The other was towards the end to show a boat going fast the film was sped up. It kind of stood out and takes you out of the moment.

Anyway we get great fights, slick underwater sequences, the SPECTRE cat, a Jet Pack, Domino, and sharks. That right there makes it worth your time

Peace and never underestimate the power of a great suit.