Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★½

Can we get the Rodger Deakins praise out of the way first? Because HOLY FUCK is this a gorgeous movie. The fact that they didn't hand him ten Oscars as retribution is more egregious than him only winning one at all.

And Denis, my man. How is it that characters with one scene give Oscar-worthy performances, or actors who normally aren't very strong deliver the fuck out of this material? This is a masterclass of not only visual story-telling but of communication with actors to exude and perform in a brilliant way. Who would've thought that Bautista could give such a heart-breaking performance in such a short amount of time?

Ryan Gosling - how are you perfect at silent, staring at object performances and a master of comedic farce? What are you?

I'm in no way the "Biggest Fan" of Scott's original Blade Runner, there's just a disconnect I haven't been able to bridge, but BR: 2049 makes me LOVE this world and all the possibilities that exist within it. This is the best of sequels in terms of respecting and building off the previous film.

I could go scene for scene and articulate poorly my love for each frame, each nuanced delivery of dialogue, each subtle glance, every twist in storytelling, but honestly, it just needs to be watched. As much as possible. By everyone. All the time.

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