Robo has written 139 reviews for films during 2020.

  • All the Money in the World

    All the Money in the World


    “There’s a purity to beautiful things that I’ve never been able to find in another human being.”

  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    This movie is so great even the elevator chimes have personality.

  • Amistad



    Djimon in the rough.

  • Savages



    Stone has a very unique style - look at JFK, Natural Born Killers or even Any Given Sunday to witness just how violently his edits and format shifts can be. 

    In Savages he’s seems to have slowed down, and what could have been a fast-paced, über-violent affair about legal-weed outlaws going against a Mexican cartel to take back their girlfriend, that could’ve used his style to nauseate and awe, instead comes off like an imitator trying to do that work…

  • Cowboys & Aliens

    Cowboys & Aliens

    The fastest speed a horse has ever been recorded to run was 55 mph. The average horse can manage about 27 mph at a full gallop. That means the alien crafts that are buzzing a posse of men on horseback were flying at about 30 mph.

    Looking up these facts and figures and wondering why the crafts were filmed to be flying at the speed of jets, when they clearly weren’t based on the evidence of reality, was more entertaining…

  • Gladiator



    “You should see the Colosseum, Spaniard. Fifty-thousand Romans... watching every movement of your sword... willing you to make that killer blow. The silence before you strike and the noise afterwards. It rises. It rises up... like a storm. As if you were the thunder god himself.”

  • Aliens



    I’d say the Director’s Cut is superior, and it’s a shame that they cut those 17 minutes, I don’t know if that would’ve sealed the win for Sigourney, but knowing that she outlived her daughter is kind of key to understanding her motivations in the film.

    I like the queen and her big ol egg sack, and this is a pretty great popcorn movie and honestly it’s a shame that it’s such a relic. 

    Those xenomorphs are pretty neat.

  • Alien



    One of those movies where it’s pretty hard to say something about that hasn’t been said. Having said that, all I have to contribute is that it fucking rules, and for Ridley Scott’s second film it is a monumental achievement on every level. Pure spooky, fun.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    “No one understands the lonely perfection of my dreams.”

     - Ridley Scott.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Please, Ridley, Disney, whomever - give the people one more David movie.

  • Prometheus



    “I got more films in this goddamn building - three I think - in the Library of Congress, and people still go, ‘what are you doing that for?’, it gets really annoying - you’d think I’d have earned the right to do something.”

    Ridley Scott - Prometheus commentary -telling all you assholes to shut the fuck up.

  • Prometheus



    Let Ridley Scott finish his trilogy, you cowards.