Possessor ★★★★

Hooptober 2020, movie #21

One of my favorite things about Scanners was the worldbuilding around the main story. All the little things that assisted the plot without being central to it. Possessor takes its main inspiration from that.

We don't know how or why there are techo-telepaths infiltrating members of megacorps, we just know they're there. Aside from that, the world is mostly as we know it. Row houses. Lofts. Vapes. Cubicles, albeit with Oculus Rifts instead of desks, walls, or windows. It's all familiar, but just a step beyond the normal. C-Berg senior did his best work in that realm, and his heir picks it up while making something distinctly his own.

The use of light and abstract cinematography tell the story of a fluid, uncertain psyche quite well. Some scenes remind me of both Panos Cosmatos, from recent years, and Ken Russell, from years gone by. Through fluid imagery, trying to convey a state of mind. It mostly works.

Again, the world building interests me most. Yes, there is corporate espionage, but what is this place? A man can be hired to spy on people's Internet of Things devices only to report on the state of their drapes. It's dystopian in a way that we can feel is wrong, but we have no further information about how wrong it is. The imagination reels.

I'd score this higher, but I feel this is one that might need time, and probably another watch, before it sinks in. It might drop in score as I realize it's all superficial; it may go up as I find it's a cyberpunk masterpiece. For now, this is good.

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