• Portal 2

    Portal 2


    We've reached the end of Letterboxd's reputation.

  • Foodfight!


    No-Nut November, day 13 of 30.

  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run


    Better than Scoob, and that isn't really hard to do. (EDIT: it's barely better and this movie gets worse the more I reflect on it)

    Tolerable if uninspired for a good chunk of its runtime with some pretty animation and a few cute visual gags (Plankton viewing through a huge compass that's super close to Krusty Krab, stuff like that, also the Snoop Dogg musical number sent me). Then the third act comes in, dragging everything out to the max,…

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire



    David Lynch at his worst. His most evil, disorienting, paranoid, self-indulgent, tedious, that's also one of his most memorable and enticing. Touching, sad, scary, powerful, and with a terrific Laura Dern among other performances. I got jump scared 4 times and the ending made me tear up a lil bit.

    Don't have anything else to write about other than current feelings. Whatever your stance is on the director should be enough to tell you what you'd think of this,…

  • Tenet



    ...But John David Washington's beard is a 10/10.

    LOW 3.5/5 STARS

  • Adaptation.



    I feared for the worst after reading about the premise, and after not really liking Anomalisa for its bitter, shallow self-indulgence. A friend of mine said I'd think little of this if that was my main problem with Charlie Kaufman. Thankfully, this was a pleasant and fun surprise.

    It felt like the type of movie that was written as a dumb gag, no matter how much Charlie suffered through writer's block. The self-pity and bitterness feel exaggerated and comical, which…

  • Host



    All I wanna add is rating movies is getting harder.

  • Four of a Kind

    Four of a Kind

    (A friend made this movie. Despite mostly logging movies now I am obliged to review this.)

    Shivam Pota's most polished and ambitious effort yet, running at a reasonably smooth pace. A fairly large improvement on acting, too. Also a messy and slightly incoherent effort, though on rewatch (he's shown me the first edition) the relation of the first and second half makes more sense. Had there been a little more character for the protagonist this would succeed a little more, but as it is it's an enjoyable enough watch.

    ♥️/5 STARS

  • Crank: High Voltage

    Crank: High Voltage


    Genuinely loads of fun and almost as creative as the first, but the charming simplicity and consistent pacing are sadly lacking here in favor of excess. The first 30ish minutes are shockingly dull and tame, then it's just chaos. The "chaos" in question is still executed in a fun, frenetic fashion but felt somewhat more forced than Crank 1, so the personality and coherency (yes, even for Crank) are a little lost. Still, I'm happy I watched this.

    LOW 3/5 STARS

  • Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl


    Mom, Dad, come on. God.

  • Nosferatu



    "Beware of the werewolf!"
    (cut to hyena boi)

  • Crazy World

    Crazy World


    Why were the credits mimicking Irreversible???

    4.5/5 STARS