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  • The Marksman

    The Marksman


    "Justice Comes Down To Him"

    This was SLOW, SOMBER, POETIC but did often feel like it was in AUTOPILOT.

    One thing has always been clear to me. If Neeson is in an action film, I WILL watch it by any means necessary. That's just a fact at this point. There's something incredibly satisfying about watching Neeson beat up bad guys left and right. Ever since the original "Taken", he has carved out a little action career for himself and I've…

  • Frozen



    "No One Knows You're Up There"

    This was MORBID, EXHAUSTING and a literal ENDURANCE TEST...

    I've been avoiding this film like the plague for years now. Normally I'm game for any horror film but his one never sat right with me. The concept, while perhaps slightly farfetched, is genuinely scary as hell. Being trapped up high in freezing cold temperatures is not a way I'd want to go. It seems like one of the WORST ways to die. Either jump…

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    "Dare To Go Back"

    For starters, I have NOT read the book this is based on. Nor have I read the book version of "The Shining". I am simply giving my thoughts on the movie on it's own merits. Having said that, Kubrick's "The Shining" is one of the greatest horror films of ALL TIME in my opinion. So having any other filmmaker follow in his footsteps was going to be a incredibly difficult act to follow. When I heard…

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    "Forever Is Harder Than It Looks"

    This was both FIERCE and FASCINATING in equal measure.

    The minute I saw the first trailer for this, I was immediately excited. Any chance to see Theron in a action oriented role is a complete and utter delight. Films like "Atomic Blonde" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" are excellent examples of this. The fact that this was based on a acclaimed graphic novel was just another reason to watch it. Granted, "The Last Days…