Slowly reviewing all the movies from the 501 Must See Movies book on my YouTube channel. It’s taking awhile as I make a lot of diversions!

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  • Nomadland



    Very glad I got to see this finally. I loved it. The photography is so beautiful I want to live in it. Made me think of ‘The Straight Story’, ‘Nebraska’ and  ‘About Schmidt’ all of which I adore as well.

  • The Man with Nine Lives

    The Man with Nine Lives


    Lots of things to enjoy here. The fact that a bunch of fans and ice piled on someone’s chest is enough to keep them under for a few days and the fact that the way you revive them is with a ton of hot coffee. 

    Karloff is great (again) but it makes you wait for his arrival. The supporting cast aren’t as good and not sure about the flashback to tell part of the story. Otherwise a fun a watch.

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  • Creation Stories

    Creation Stories


    I’m a sucker for a film with music I like in it and this is one such film. Its narrative is incredibly sprawling and hard to get your head around but then it feels like a pure hit of Irvine Welsh and that’s no bad thing. Not perfect but also unapologetically bonkers and I liked that about it.

  • The Stylist

    The Stylist


    There is a lot to really enjoy in this quiet but rightfully at times graphic horror debut. The central performance from Najarra Townsend as Claire the serial killing stylist is amazing. Jill Gevargizian’s direction is also incredibly stylish helping bring across Claire lonely life and repressed sexuality. My main issue is that it does become rather slow and sadly not very interesting after awhile.