Possessor ★★★½

Like father, like son.

Brandon Cronenberg continues to walk along the same path as his dad 45 years ago. Just as he did in his debut feature "Antiviral" Cronenberg Jr. weaves a high concept tale of identity, confusion and violence all blended into a fine, if uneven, mixture.

The concept of an assassin doing their deadly deeds while possessing other people's bodies is rich with all kinds of intriguing situations and plot trickeries. But here it's used sparingly and I felt like more could've been done with it. Hence why the overall plot, while fascinating and with a doozie of an ending, felt overly simple to me and that made a few scenes feel slightly pretentious in their slow, long winded and stylized execution.

"Possessor" would've benefited from a widening of the storytelling canvas and a deepening of the narrative well. Many things are left unsaid, unexplored and unexplained. But what's here is fascinating nevertheless as it is an undoubtable pleasure to follow this twisted little story to its gnarly (and I mean GNARLY) conclusion.

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