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Rosalie Kicks


The old sport at - a place that I dabble in film criticism. I need to watch more movies.

Favorite films

  • The Third Man
  • Judex
  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • Nosferatu

Recent activity

  • Close Ties to Home Country


  • The Cow Who Sang A Song Into The Future


  • Sirens


  • Dual


Recent reviews

  • Close Ties to Home Country

    Close Ties to Home Country


    A great short that manages to tug at your heart but also soothe you because… doggos! ✨

  • Dual



    This premise is wow…

    A time (possibly in the near future 🔮) in which you can a double made of yourself in the event you learn of your passing. This way your family will have a replacement. 

    I really like Karen Gillan and her eccentric performance in this. This is a dark, yet at times somewhat humorous flick. It got me thinking… my double would be completely out of control. No one would be able to tame it. 

    Highlight: watching Karen and Aaron Paul dance to hip hop music. 

    Note to self: dance exercise could be a lot of fun and I should try this. 🕺

Popular reviews

  • The House with a Clock in Its Walls

    The House with a Clock in Its Walls


    "It is not a robe, it is a Kimono."

    I was pleasantly and surprisingly charmed by this film. Before this, I have not met an Eli Roth flick that I was fond of.

    Things that were YES:

    -the phrase: Parlor Magician
    -Cate. Cate. Cate.
    -The weirdness of the child
    -The theme of it being acceptable to be weird.
    -Jack Black: I am a fan of you.
    -All of Cate's costumes
    -The production design: i loved the house
    -Jack's kimono


  • Passing



    “I think being a mother is the most cruelest thing in the world.”

    This is an absolute showstopper that has it all: amazing performances, fantastic story, great direction and cinematography. I think it is impossible to not be moved by this picture.