The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

Pretty good movie! Not really much of a fan of most modern 3D animated movies, I find them to often be Very cliche and Uninteresting and while this certainly has its fair share of cliches, it still works overall.

One thing I want to mention first is the LGBT representation since it seems a decent bit of people were hoping for much more actual representation in animation and.... Yeah no it's basically equivalent to Onward's LGBT representation, which means there's a throwaway line at the very end and that's it. Easily editable for Any sort of Audience who may not like it's Mention, although idk if netflix would do that.

Now when it comes to the animation this thing is Absolutely stellar. It's an absolutely gorgeous film brimming with a unique style that sets it apart from many Animated movies Currently available, and it Brings a specific energy to the film that makes it much more memorable than it would be without it. The actual character movements feel unique and expressive and are extremely well animated and fit the visual style perfectly. It's probably one of the better Looking 3D animated movies I've seen in quite some time.

Soundtrack here is also Absolutely Stellar, Using it's Sci-fi nature to create a Synth score that's quite beautiful and unique, and compliments the design of the more sci-fi settings and Art Direction in this movie very well. It's a great soundtrack that I could actually see myself listening to once in a while.

Probably one of the best parts here is easily the voice cast. Eric andre, Olivia Coleman and Maya Rudolph all deliver great performances here, but the stars of the show are danny Mcbride and Abbi Jacobson, Who play the leading roles and have such a wonderfully believable love hate relationship with each other and it really makes their characters something special. The entire cast of the family works wonderfully with each other, and the family dynamic as a hole is one of the films Highlights, delivering an emotionally poignant and relatable journey as they Bond with each other after growing Distant Due to various things in their lives, including technology.

Speaking of, I'm happy to say that this film doesn't go overboard with the "ugh technology sucks" message, and actually treats technology as something with more Depth and sides, with Technology helping The main character find her passion and what she wants to do in life while Also Contributing as a driving force for the families Inability to get close to each other. Lots of media Likes to portray technology in a pretty one sided light, so it's nice to see something treat it as it is: Good in moderation and if used carefully but Obsessing over it is unhealthy, just like most things in life. However, one issue With this film and many others is the Portrayal of the internet which... Yeah, feels out of touch and Cringey at times. It never reaches the emoji movie level of out of touch But it reminded of watch dogs 2 at times, which is a great game, but the Memes and shit it tries to implement just felt so "How do you do fellow kids?"

Most of the issues this film has unfortunately had to do with the script, which is unfortunately likely it's weakest aspect. A decent portion of the side characters Feel underdeveloped and the plot feels Cliched in structure, story and pacing. Never ruins the movie But can definitely make Some scenes less exciting than others and add a layer of predictability to the film that most modern Animated movies seem to have, And can definitely be frustrating at times. Not always predictable (the last act and the very middle of the movie have some cool and unexpected parts) but For most of the film you can tell exactly where it's going. However the script isn't all bad, with the Dialogue being mostly good aside from some lines here and there, and the humor works for the most part. I'd say the ratio of Jokes Landing to jokes falling flat is like 60/40, so I can't Complain about it to much.

As a whole I wish the script was better, as it's lack Of originality definitely kept me from being Completely invested, but it's also a really fun movie with a family dynamic that makes the predictable nature easy to look past, along with some beautiful animation and Music. Not the most memorable film, but certainly a good time. The Dog/Pig/Loaf of bread is the best Character.

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