Synchronic ★★½


Good concept but very shallow in logic. As much as it's understood of time travel being a total favorite among the audiences which, in the past few years, has become overly saturated and needs a fresh set of ideas and fictitious mechanics to inculcate a good interest, which this movie tried to, it still lacked in execution with bad writing and a loose ensemble. To begin with the first half is simply a waste of time. Anthony Mackie and James Dornan are colleagues come best friends who don't seem to look very best to each other. They work together as paramedics and stumble upon a series of bizzare emergencies from the very start of the film in which one is from their own kin. Mackie eventually discovers the drug that causes the unnatural occurrence. Now as I was interested much in the 'thriller' part of all that, I was majorly offered with bleak character background and dull scenes with bad acting and not so much of the thrill which wasn't really helping the cause of the plot. The second half, however, comes to the rescue unfolding the primary details of the concept and giving the character arcs a fair enough picture. Also the acting is much better towards the end in the final act which was done quite well, but not too great to save the day. 2.5/5.

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